SeedStitch blanket, charcoal/black glitter

The SeedStitch blanket is a combination of a traditional basic knitting pattern and a glimpse of glamor. The blanket is knitted in the basic seed stitch structure which gives the knitted textile the same firmness as textiles made by weaving. In the right light the edge of the blanket sparkles like stars in the sky.



The blanket is knitted in a very soft wool quality and is manufactured in EU. The SeedStitch blanket comes in five different combination of colours: blue/glitter, brown/copper, light pink/glitter, light grey/silver and charcoal/black glitter.


Material composition: Fabric knitted in 80% wool and 20% polyamide + lurex.

Size measures: 130 X 170 cm

DKK. 1.349,00

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Vendor: strikaholic
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SeedStitch blanket, charcoal/black glitter